Peace — 11.12.12


This morning I woke up to a chilly cold — silver frost covering the ground and wonderful penetrating quiet all around me. Even the normally well traveled road in front my house seemed serene. So when I was thumbing through images to use in this blog post this morning, this image struck me. I remembered it from a previous post on this blog, but felt it was worth revisiting — now, months later. It’s funny how themes emerge in your life and how the peaceful morning lead me to reflect on the past few months of my life and this epiphany: Peace is a personal journey as well as a global one.

For awhile now, I’ve been working on just that journey — finding peace within myself, peace with my past and peace with my future. It has at times been anything but serene. I have fought hard against old patterns that serve only to keep my life disrupted and unbalanced — yet are comforting even in their dysfunction. I have struggled to replace them with better habits, refreshed vision and a more holistic approach to my world. There were times the path in front of me almost disappeared — and I’m sure it will fade in and out as it climbs to better views — but I trust that it will lead higher and eventually slope more gently making the going easy instead of tiring and painful.

This image was taken down the road from my house on a beautiful November morning in 2004. I Photoshopped it some — to make it match my memory. These three heifers were simply soaking up the warm ground, ruminating and listening to the rustle of fall leaves … ahhhh, peace.