January 13, 2012

A dog looks up to a man. A cat looks down on a man. But a patient horse looks a man in the eye and sees him as an equal. — Unknown

Horses are my favorite animals to interact with — (strangely enough followed by cows, chickens, cats and goats, in that order) — there is something so unique about being in the presence of horses. It is, at times, indescribable. I think this quote captures the horse’s special place in the lives of we humans. A good horse becomes a partner, not just a companion. (Although some working dogs achieve this with their humans, too.)

This photo is the image I talked about on Monday. The girl here is the same girl who was riding across the pond dam and the horse is the same. Here she is primping him while her sister is getting ready to get her picture taken with the horse. Unlike the other photo where she knew she was being photographed, in this image she didn’t know she was being stalked by my lens. I shoot a lot of these type of photos when I’m on location. Most turn out to be no more than snapshots forever doomed to digital purgatory, but occasionally I get one so I just keep on shooting them. Praise God for digital cameras and reusable memory cards! I almost went broke when I shot film.

To go along with today’s topic of seeing eye to eye with a horse, here’s a cute little article on how horse’s see: http://www.horsewyse.com.au/howhorsessee.html


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